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We assist clients in their disputes with the CRA in all areas, including:

Moving expenses

Business expenses

Personal Services Business

Child Tax Benefits

Directors' liability

Employment benefits and expenses

Exempt income

Applications for extension of time

Failure to remit or withhold

Indirect payments

Interest and penalties

Interest and property income/expenses

Investment Tax Credits


RRSP income and deductions

Shareholder benefits and loans

Taxpayer relief applications

Third party assessments

Net worth assessments

Voluntary disclosure

All GST/HST matters including:

     GST New Housing Rebates

     Exempt supplies

     Input Tax Credits

     Multiple supplies


     Zero-rated supplies


Audit and Objection:

Assistance dealing with CRA

Preparing your Notice of Objection 

Tax Court of Canada

Full representation

Limited scope assistance

Preparing and filing Notices of Appeal

Federal Court of Canada

Appealing discretionary decisions of CRA, including interest and penalty relief

Federal Court of Appeal

Appealing decisions of the Tax Court of Canada

We also offer services to those who want to represent themselves but require some assistance. Contact us to find out more.

Services Offered:
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