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We primarily practice litigation in the Tax Court of Canada, covering all topics and issues under the Court's jurisdiction. We also assist clients with representation throughout CRA audits and objections. We are able to assist in provincial court with rectifiction matters. In addition, we are experienced with judicial review applications before the Federal Court of Canada and appeals of Tax Court decisions at the Federal Court of Appeal.

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We serve Canadians seeking to appeal decisions of the Canada Revenue Agency, including individuals and small businesses. We offer a variety of options to our clients to ensure that they receive the assistance they need, within their means and proportionate to the amount they are disputing. Contact us today.


Melanie T. Petrunia


Melanie has practiced in both a large law firm and with the federal government. She spent eight years representing the CRA and puts the knowledge and expertise she gained to work for you. She has appeared in the Tax Court of Canada, Federal Court, Federal Court of Appeal as well as numerous provincial courts in Canada. Melanie saw countless Canadians struggling to represent themselves and became determined to find innovative and affordable ways to help.

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